Welcome to LaVerne Kemp Studios. I am a fiber artist, who weaves, dyes and educates. Over the past four decades I have been weaving, a very old art form, while enjoying creating fabrics and textiles. In my shop you will see a variety of items all produced by myself. My products range from hand-woven clothing such as shawls, scarves, belts, ponchos, and jackets, also including jewelry, cards and a variety of object that my imagination has come up with. Since my childhood I have been a collector of anything unusual. I love going to resale shops, antique shops and flea markets I am always on the search for unusual buttons, beads and yarns, new and vintage to embellish my artwork. I am passionate about color, texture and patterns which you will see the pieces in my Gallery and Online Store

As a teaching artist I’m always looking for interesting ways to engage my students, that is why I sometimes incorporate other art forms into my work. You might see weaving, dying, felting, painting, beading, crocheting, doll making and many other media in the pieces that I create
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